How To Get Amazon Prime 1 Year Trick

Hope you’ll have fun with this one!

Requirement: Edu Account Steps:

Step 1 - Go To And Click On Try Prime… Then Click On “Are U A Student.”
Step 2 - Click On Register Now… And Create A New Account With Gmail… No Temp Emails.
Step 3 - Verify Email And Then Enter Your Edu Email… Select Year As 2021 Or 2022.
Step 4 - Select Add Bank Account And Then Enter IBAN Detail’s. (Get IBAN Details From Fake-it)
Step 5 - Enter Random Address And Verify Your Edu Email.
Step 6 - After Verification You Will Get 1 Year Prime.


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Not working for me, it says you need a .edu email from a germany college.

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He already mentioned in bold that you it is EDU account steps.

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i tried all my edu mails but it fails everytime

Note:-Your membership in Prime Student will begin as soon as your German or Austrian university email address has been confirmed

Why indians want german amazon prime?

to get amazon music hd version that is what i want

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