How To Get Almost Any Book For Free!

Here is a Google Custom Search engine that will scour every ebook website to look for the book you want!!

You can find pretty much every book using this search engine!

DO NOT Leech ! , seriously, only takes a single like, and I’ll be happy!

If you do leach, you will have a report and a dm pointing out your idiocy waiting for you, greedy asshole!

If the custom search engine works, which it does, please rate it as working, so others don’t get the wrong idea!

Here is the link, open and add keywords

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Interesting share, thanks.

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Excellent work Astrid. Keep it up.

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Interesting, but I still prefer libraries such as libgen. Anyway, what do you guys understand by ’ leeching ’ around here? Is this community working similarily to a torrent client where the sharing knowledge part is the seeding and the use of that knowledge is leeching or? ( New member here btw)

Leeching here plainly means using someone’s method/suggestion/tip/hack and not appreciating it or even saying a small THANK YOU to the person who has taken so many efforts to help the community. DW it’s not related to torrent leeching in the technical sense, but in the general sense, yes.


this is so awsome a big thanks to you :love_you_gesture:

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What an absolute legend!

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