How To Get A Free Discord Nitro Faster

So for this method you don’t need a lot of things you only need you’re pc, an internet connection and a few brain cells

1- So the first step is to go to this site what your going to do there is download
2- Second step is to register and make an account with your email. Salad is going to send you a code to your email to verify your account after that you can get in salad
3- Step three is go to settings (the gear icon in the right corner) after that you can customize your settings what you need to do there is click on “referrals” there you need you to type the code J7X49W below “ENTER A CODE” when you enter the code you will get 2x faster coins to get your stuff on like games gift cards (and discord nitro)
4- Now you are almost finished the last step is to start salad you can do that by pressing on the big button in the left corner some ad blockers will say that it’s a virus but it’s not because it’s a crypto miner you will get rewards for mining on your pc.

Salad does not slower your pc because it only mines when your pc is idle or not in use that’s the good about, it you can play any game without worrying about drop in fps.


  • Go to
  • Click download
  • Install the client
  • Register
  • Click Earn on the top place of the application
  • Use code : 62PT85 for a 2x earning rate bonus! on Refeerals Section
  • Click Start earning after putting the code in
  • Leave your PC running salad overnight
  • Wake up with 5$ balance
  • Go to store and search for nitro classic.
  • Click Buy Now
  • Go to rewards vault
  • Claim your free discord nitro



Used the code and using salad on VPS. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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