How To Get 14 Days Premium IPTV | Method

In this thread, we’ll be shown how to activate a free 14 days premium IPTV subscription, no credit card required and no hassles at all.

  1. Go to
  • And create an account.

  1. Fill in your desired account credentials to proceed with the account registration, then click “Sign up”

  1. Check your e-mail to activate the account

  2. After activating your account, login to it

  3. Click the “Create new line” button

  1. From the “Product” menu choose “Free 14 Days Promo” as shown below

  1. Now the cost is zero. Click the Subscribe button

  1. Click “Yes subscribe” to confirm

  2. The sub has been activated as shown : )

  1. Click the little “View” beside the sub to download your premium IPTV line or activate it on your devices


Happy learning!


thanks it work for me

they stopped it for over-abuse however you can still opt for 24 hour trial.