How To Get 11 Years Of Nitro & Become Nitro Seller 💯


Now we got that out of the way, lets get too the method. This is my own method that I created.

I sold nitros for $1 each, and sold tons a day. You could do the same!

Follow Below:

Step One:
Go on github and find a token logger that when you log someone, it tells you if they have billing info on their account or nitro (if u want server boosts as well), set the token
logger up with your webhook etc and make sure it works before u compile it.

Step Two:
Create a brand new tiktok account, based on free cheats and programs (tiktok viewbot, follow bot etc). Be sure to go to your tiktok settings and add filter words (virus,logger etc) so when people try commenting that its a virus, token logger and stuff like that
tiktok will just auto remove it for you, saves lots of time.

Step Three:
Create a discord server with NO TALKING CHANNELS, be sure that no one can type or react to your messages other then you. Now upload your token loggers to one channel that can be called game cheats and rename it too different games.
Such as GTA5_ModMenu, MinecraftCheats, FortniteWallhack. One thing I noted was that people talk about how all the cheats are the same file size, if you want to make it look more legit, change the file size for each cheat and make the sizes realistic.

Step Four:
Make 3 to 4 tiktoks a day about your server, advertise it but do it correctly. Something that would hit the For You Page, use popular sounds such as “Stay” by Justin Bieber or spend a couple minutes just scrolling on tiktok too see what sounds trend.
I’ve had some tiktoks hit atleast 250k views and my server gets over 3k joins before discord terms it. BE SURE YOU MAKE THE DISCORD SERVER ON A ALT ACCOUNT, YOU ARE VERY LIKELY TO GET TERMED.

Step Five:
Finally one of your tiktoks hit and you got some logs. Forget the poor people with no nitro and billing info, log into accounts with nitro and billing info, be sure to save the tokens into a txt file or somewhere safe where you can access them later.
If you don’t know how you can log into a discord token there are many youtube tutorials on how you can do so.

Step Six:
Log into every billing token and try buying one month, if it works then try one year. Then enjoy !

Step Seven:
Repeat Step Four until you don’t need nitro anymore (or tokens)

Credit to sykoticc via nulled

Happy learning!


Interesting share, thanks for presenting it here! :heart:


nice share… video tutorial please, thanks

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Can u send the link u used for the logger pls

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Thanks for the interesting information. However I don’t have a clue about the subject matter. Would you be able to explain in more detail or is there a site I can learn about this.

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