How To Get 1 Year Kaspersky And McAfee Free

  1. If you are not in Germany or already have a account connect to a german VPN server. Use a good VPN.
  2. go to and click on “join now” and create an account
  3. you can get your personal info from or other services like this
  4. click agree and create email
  5. go “to mailbox”
  6. (ill do it as an example with McAfee) go to
  7. visit for IBAN etc
  8. REMEMBER TO STAY CONNECTED TO THE VPN! Enter your email and continue as user
  9. enter the details from
  10. click buy and continue to McAfee and download



good VPN means NordVPN is enough sir ???


This procedure is not safe . :skull_and_crossbones:

Unfortunately, Dosen’t work for everyone :frowning: