How to exchange BAT to BTC?

I’ve around $41 value BAT on Uphold, I’d like to purchase BTC. But I didn’t find any way to do this. May you guys help me?

You can transfer your bat token to BTC in uphold itself.
or you can use any Crypto trading platform

  1. create a trading account on any platform (eg binance)
  2. Covert your bat to xrp coin (it has a minimum transfer fee) do this in uphold
  3. go to trading platform then go to “deposit XRP” and copy that address
  4. go to uphold and select transfer
  5. in transfer select the converted xrp and transfer to “Xrp crypto Network”( you will find this in cryptocurrency network’s tab)
  6. it will ask you address to transfer… paste your address which you got from trading platform…done
  7. Now you have xrp in your trading account which you can sell and buy any coin.

I hope it will help you.
Thank You

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