How To Enlarge Pictures Without Losing Resolution

Sometimes you get a photo from the Internet that is too small and won’t look good in your post. Or you want a better resolution because it’s gonna be printed. The solution is to enlarge the photo. To do this I’ll show you a site that does it for free without signing up.

Go to:

  1. Upload your photo or paste the URL.
  2. After that, slide the button to your right to make it bigger.
  3. Your choice of percentage or dimension, then click enlarge and download it.
  4. Don’t expect miracles, but it’s a very good service.



Some alternatives to this could be waifu2x and AI Image Upscaler, both of them being backed up with heavily coded algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to accomplish such tasks.

Also, both are free to use without prior registration:) Enjoy!


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He’s a NoBody, what do you expect? :clown_face:

use topaz Gigapixel AI… with some tweaks, you can turn SD image to 4k/6k


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