How To Engineering Secure Software And Systems


Table of Contents

  • Application-Replay Attack on Java Cards: When the Garbage Collector
  • Gets Confused …
  • Guillaume Barbu, Philippe Hoogvorst, and Guillaume Duc
  • Supporting the Development and Documentation of ISO 27001
  • Information Security Management Systems through Security
  • Requirements Engineering Approaches (Idea Paper) …
  • Kristian Beckers, Stephan Faßbender, Maritta Heisel,
  • Jan-Christoph K¨uster, and Holger Schmidt
  • Typed Assembler for a RISC Crypto-Processor (Idea Paper)…
  • Peter T. Breuer and Jonathan Bowen
  • Transversal Policy Conflict Detection …
  • Matteo Maria Casalino, Henrik Plate, and Slim Trabelsi
  • Challenges in Implementing an End-to-End Secure Protocol
  • for Java ME-Based Mobile Data Collection in Low-Budget
  • Settings (Idea Paper) …
  • Samson Gejibo, Federico Mancini, Khalid A. Mughal,
  • Remi Valvik, and Jørn Klungsøyr
  • Runtime Enforcement of Information Flow Security in Tree
  • Manipulating Processes …
  • M´at´e Kov´acs and Helmut Seidl
  • Formalisation and Implementation of the XACML Access Control
  • Mechanism …
  • Massimiliano Masi, Rosario Pugliese, and Francesco Tiezzi
  • A Task Ordering Approach for Automatic Trust Establishment …
  • Francisco Moyano, Carmen Fernandez-Gago, Isaac Agudo, and
  • Javier Lopez
  • An Idea of an Independent Validation of Vulnerability Discovery
  • Models (Idea Paper)…
  • Viet Hung Nguyen and Fabio Massacci
  • A Sound Decision Procedure for the Compositionality of Secrecy
  • (Idea Paper) …
  • Mart´ın Ochoa, Jan J¨urjens, and Daniel Warzecha
  • XII Table of Contents
  • Plagiarizing Smartphone Applications: Attack Strategies and Defense
  • Techniques …
  • Rahul Potharaju, Andrew Newell, Cristina Nita-Rotaru, and
  • Xiangyu Zhang
  • Design of Adaptive Security Mechanisms for Real-Time Embedded
  • Systems …
  • Mehrdad Saadatmand, Antonio Cicchetti, and Mikael Sj¨odin
  • Hunting Application-Level Logical Errors (Idea Paper) …
  • George Stergiopoulos, Bill Tsoumas, and Dimitris Gritzalis
  • Optimal Trust Mining and Computing on Keyed MapReduce
  • (Idea Paper) …
  • Huafei Zhu and Hong Xiao

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