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Make Money with Domains: 5 Easy Investing Steps

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Flipping domain names for profit is one of the hottest trends in today’s tech-centric world. If you’re planning on investing in domain names, there are crucial things to know.

Online stories about enterprising investors who accumulated considerable wealth through domain name flipping have spread like wildfire. In 2009, online marketplace Quinstreet purchased ‘’ for a whopping $16 million.

Domain names like ‘’ and ‘’ reportedly sold for $7 million and $100 million respectively.

The whole process sounds simple – you purchase a bunch of domain names and sit on them hoping they appreciate in value. Once the timing is right, you sell them to the buyer with the highest bid and you’re thousands or even millions of dollars richer.

Sounds easy? Think again.

Wide-eyed investors get drawn to these inspirational stories like moths to a flame, instantly diving in without the education required to back them up and inadvertently losing heaps of cash in the process.

Around 183 million domain names have been registered but remained unused since 2013, with a large chunk hoarded by domain name flippers who plan to resell these domains to potential buyers.

  • My favorite marketplace to find new opportunities to sell and buy domains is Flippa.

But much like flipping properties, there’s an established science behind the process of domain name flipping.

If you’re looking to make money with domain names, get ready to take notes. Here are all the insights, tips, and guidelines needed to emerge successful in this investing business.

Table of Contents

  1. Things you need to know about domain name trading
  2. It won’t make you rich overnight
  3. Domain name flipping requires real work
  4. It takes some time to learn
  5. 5 steps to make money with domain names
  6. Have a focus
  7. Select valuable domain names only
  8. Check if the domain name is available
  9. Figure out the price
  10. Look for avenues to sell

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