How To Dox Anyone On SnapChat

This will work the best if you already have your targets snapchat, you may be able to get it with the info you already have

STEP 1: create a snapchat with a female name (emily18x) and make a bitmoji for the account

STEP 2: score your snapchat score to make it look like a legit account. you can spam pictures to random accounts like @abdc @1234, but it’s easier to spend $1 on a Snapchat score boosting service. you can find that here: (by @alexender

STEP 3: create a empty google drive folder call it “nude previews” and set the shareable link to “Anyone with link”

STEP 4: go to and put in your drive link > click on make custom link/change domain (green button) > change it to

STEP 5: add your target on snapchat if you do not have him already and start talking in a flirty way

STEP 6: he will start talking about nudes at some point. you say “I have some nudes in my drive ;)” then send the link right away. then he will say its empty. tell him “ohh my bad wrong folder!” and send the link you make in the following steps.

STEP 7: now you got his ip address, you can see which phone he uses etc.

STEP 8: create a new folder also called nude previews and set the shareable link to “restricted” (standard settings)

STEP 9: send that link he will need to request access and if he does that you got his email in your email inbox

====extra steps====

STEP 10: if he uses his face in the profile picture of his email get a full size version of it using this tutorial:

STEP 11: simply google his gmail account without the and if he uses his name obviously go to instagram/facebook search him

if they don’t click on your links just ignore them for 5 minutes, their dick will click on it.

took me a long time to write + it randomly refreshed so i had to start over again. anyway if it was useful feel free to like the post

(this is also not really a leak since I came up with the strategy myself)

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Happy learning!


Not only on snapchat you can do it anywhere. It’s a type of social engineering.

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