How to Download videos from Pluralsight

Hello i have a question i need to download from Pluralsight but it download into tow files one audio and one video how to solve this problem

You can use youtube-dl if you’re comfortable using commandline/ssh.

Guide here:

Or you can use jDownloader. In settings you can add an account. And afterwards you can give the links to the classes.

There also was a way to decrypt the videos that you could download with their app for windows. But after pluralsight updated it, it no longer sees to work.

A way around this is if you found an old installer from the app and blocked the update file from going online you can still use it.

Link to decryptor:

One of many that you can google.

Don’t run it to fast or you’ll get a warning ban.
After 2 warnings you’re permabanned.


You can use mkvtoolnix. add source files(both audio and video) and start multiplexing. It’s so easy.

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You can try downloaders Allavsoft or Ant, follow below link to get them (Free, Giveaways)

I also found but it costs $13 (lowest)

I’ve personally tried Allavsoft for Udemy n Skillshare
I think it also works for other course sites

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