How To Download Unimited Via Mega Without Even Having An Account

P.S: In case it tells you that “your file is larger than your download limit”…just click on “continue download”.



one of simplest way is to download from mega using idm it can download without limit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Bro once you reach the mega limit idm won’t help. I already tried.


no bro yesterday i downloaded about 75gb of files from mega using idm

Interesting… Lets try…

I do download w/ IDM and it works flawless

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Is there any way to boost mega downloading speed, I have a pro lite account. I have used JDownloader, MegaBasterd, Mega App but my download speed is still around 200kb- 600kb.

how bro, mega via idm? if shared any tutorial post or thread link will be helpful. thnx bruh

Bro have you checked your download limit? You must have some 75+ GB download limit that is why you were able to download it that much. I have around 60 gb mega download limit. After that you can download 1 or 5 gb from mega per day.

second link doesn’t work in chrome.

Share some link to help here how can i download mega via idm ? Thanks.

installer doesnt work

which installer?

the mega downloader installer

Thank you so much! Works like a charm.

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he is just downloading the html not the data i want to download

No way of downloading files if you are over-quota. They have locked the files it seems