How to download Udemy Course?

I recently bought a udemy course. Is there any way I can download those videos and resources? (don’t want to use udemy mobile app)

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Here are a few methods you can try…

4 Ways to Download Udemy Courses on PC [in One Go] from Medium
Download Udemy Full Course To PC (YouTube Video)
How to download udemy courses directly to storage using udemy-dl? (YouTube video)
Udemy Downloader (Chrome Extension)

I hope these help, cheers and be well!

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best solution anyone can ask for install telegram, [] join the group, all those courses are have a time limit, if you click on the course, you will see it says 100% discount, its exactly that, when you click enroll you will notice the that price is 100% discounted, the only thing you don’t get is the certificate, but the knowledge and the on demand course videos are all added to your account, either make up one or enter your own one, ive been using it for ages, its the full courses… enjoy

ps try searching for anything in telegram, android apks, after effects, photoshop, mockups, templates…movies and series…its all on telegram full versions, hd versions, and its like it should be, FREE

Get This: Releases · FaisalUmair/udemy-downloader-gui · GitHub
Have a wonderful day