How To Download Twitch Clips & Video | 2021

Twitch is one of the most popular game streaming platforms. Thousands of Gamers around the globe go live in twitch. It is most popular and considered to be a productive platform for online game streamers. Twitch has established itself as a community for gamers. All gamers who have taken gaming as a profession find twitch as a place to try once for getting established. People not only gain popularity but also lots of donation from twitch. You can share small clips on twitch which are known as twitch clips. Ever wondered how to save those clips?

Twitch itself doesn’t provide you with the option to download video or clips in your device. We need to use other methods to download clips from Twitch. Today we will learn what are twitch clips downloader and how we can use them to download twitch clips along with some other awesome methods to save clips offline from twitch.

Twitch clips | What are they?

Twitch clips are short clips of the live streaming done by streamers which are unique and popular moments of the live stream. Twitch clips can be made when you liked a moment in live streaming. You can capture 5-60 seconds of the video and save them as clips. You are not provided with the option to download and save clips offline.

Twitch clips are intended to save moments. You can share it with your friends. These sort of clips can spread the name of gamers and increase popularity. Twitch clips can play a vital role in the growth of gamers. If you want to fix for ublock origin twitch problem then click here.

Twitch Clip Downloader

There are many twitch downloaders on the internet. You can find source code for some twitch downloader in GitHub too. We have chosen some of the best methods to download twitch clips for you. We will learn about twitch clips downloader and another way to download twitch clips in our mobile and PC.

Download twitch Clips in mobile

Most of you might use mobile phone for surfing videos and watching live streaming on twitch. Sometime you might see some clips on twitch which you want to download and save to your device. So, let’s learn how you can do it.

  • Open your browser and go to twitch clip downloader website.
  • Now copy the link of a clip from twitch which you want to download. Paste the link in the download bar of the twitch downloader. Then click download.twitch clips downloader
  • Then select the video quality of the clip and click twitch clips
  • Your twitch video will be downloaded and saved in your device.

How to download Twitch clips in PC

We can use various methods in PC to download Twitch clips. All methods which we have discussed today will worth with PC to download twitch clips. We can use external twitch clip downloader websites in our PC just like with mobile if we want to download any clips. Today we will mainly discuss two major methods for downloading twitch clips with PC. One method will be about browser extensions whereas another method is about developer tools of the browser.

1: Twitch clips download with a Developer tools

Browsers like chrome, firefox, etc have in-built developer tools. These tools provide you with so many functions which you might not even know. We can use only browsers in PC to download twitch clips. We don’t even need external tools. Here is how you can use your browser to download twitch clips.

  • At first, open your browser from which you want to download twitch clips. Then right-click with your mouse on the screen. Now select inspect from given options.

Download twitch clips without any tools

Download twitch clips without any tools

  • Developer console will open. Go to network and from there just select media where are twitch video clips files can be found.

download twitch video with browser

download twitch video with browser

  • Open twitch and search the twitch video in the browser without closing developer console.
  • You will see a file data in the developer console under the network category. That contain request link for your twitch clip. If it doesn’t show any data for you then just refresh your page.
  • Click on it. From the request header copy all the link. Twitch clip downloader use that link to download file for you.

twitch clip downloader

twitch clip downloader

  • Paste all the links you just copied in your search bar and click search. Your twitch clip will be downloaded. This method doesn’t even require twitch downloader.

twitch clips

twitch clips

Twitch clips are easy to download. You can use external websites, as well as use browser extensions. (Source: toptechpal)

Happy learning!


Twitch itself does not allow you to download video or clips to your device. To download Twitch clips, we must employ alternative methods. Today we will learn what twitch clips downloaders are and how to use them to download twitch clips, as well as some other awesome methods to save twitch clips offline. Source: