How To Download All Music In High Quality

  1. Go to and download the GUI version.
  2. Go to and open a account.
  3. Use any prepaid CC service / PP / bank / any other payment they have to pay for a trail ($0.01 or $1), immediately cancel your trail, the trail lasts 3 months.
    3b. After your trail ran out simply repeat the above step with a different email/billing method.
  4. Use deemix to download the music, follow the instructions in deemix to log in.
    When on the trail music will be downloaded in 320kbps instead of 128kbps that you get from using the free version of deezer.



You can skip the point that requires you to get deezer trials:

  • First open and create a normal free account or
  • Login with your current deezer account.

While on the Deezer Tab:
In chrome, click on the icone before the http link.

  1. Click on Cookies.
  2. Click on View Site information (The SSL Padlock).
  3. A sign will open that says “cookies in use”
  4. Look for “” and the “cookies” folder in it.
  5. You will find “arl” (click on it)
  6. Copy what appears in “content”
  7. Now open Deemix on desktop
  8. Go to settings
  9. Select right arrow “Use ARL instead”
  10. Paste the ARL Coppied from the cookie above
  11. Hit the Save button at the bottom right.

You are Logged in and you can download Music of the equality you want.

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