How To Downgrade A Group Admin In WhatsApp ⭐

What do you — as an admin– do when you want to demote another admin? Earlier, it was necessary to remove the admin from the group in order to demote him or her. Then, you needed adding him again if you wanted him back in the group.

Now, WhatsApp has since made it a lot easier.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open a group inside WhatsApp > click on the group’s name.
  2. Under the Participants, long-tap the admin you wish to demote.
  3. You’ll see a new option named “Dismiss as admin> click it to demote the selected administrator without removing him from the group itself.

Note: You can’t remove the admin who has created the group itself. It’s quite certain, right? One mustn’t remove the group owner only; don’t you agree?

Happy learning!


i like “dismiss”…lol

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