How to delete all the evidence from your machine if you screw with the hackers & haters

How to delete all the evidence from your machine if you screw with the Hackers & Haters

We all know that formatting and clean-install is not enough to delete all the information stored in your HDD,These information can be tools,files,accounts which can be used as evidences against you
In this tutorial i will show you what to do if you are convinced that the FBI/White hat hackers/Cyber police are on your back

First thing is to ensure that you have all your files saved in an encrypted cloud storage service,Including your passwords,So your progress is saved.You might ask me:How can i trust this service,i agree with you,this is why you should encrypt this data before uploading it.The service that i recommend is Least Authority S4,Its a great encrypted cloud storing service and only 25$ for unlimited storage (Do not ever forget to encrypt these informations before uploading them)

Second thing is to delete all the evidences from your machine.This must be done with an anti-forensic cleaning software,basically meaning that cleaning your machine with this type of software makes it nearly impossible for the FBI to recover anything from your HDD.I highly recommend using BleachBit software that Hillary Clinton used to delete all her emails from her server.Even the FBI could not recover anything from that server

The next part is to reinstall your windows (if you are using Linux i recommend that you uninstall it and install windows) to add another layer of protection and that you install some basic/popular programs to end the doubt about you

The last thing is to completely destroy your router and buy another one.Many informations may be stored in that router and used against you,you can ask your friend to use his router temporally or just buy one from the junk store


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