How to Decrypt Byjus Video

I got 11 & 12 BYJUS course for my elder sibling now i want to use the same
video & all data is still there i tried to customise the json files
but it does’t worked well.

method 1:
Try to use a screen capture tool, it is time consuming but works well.

method 2:
Byju is nonetheless crap and one of the ugliest and unethical groups of India. I pray they rot in hell.
Use Internet Download Manager and see if it is able to capture the download links.

method 3:
If it is AES HLS encrypted, find someone on this group who can decrypt those for you. Hint: There are many talented people on this forum who can do that at a very small rate for you. Contact Mr Brilliant he might already have a solution for you.


method 1 probably dont work

method 2s first half is reality (smh)

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yes! Byjus is a total piece of crap!

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