How to Create Your Own Private Encrypted Chat Server using Neuron Script | Kali Linux


Many people want to chat with complete privacy but its not so possible in the world of the Internet.

But a creator(SushmitHTK) from GitHub created a script called Neuron which satisfies this need. You can create an encrypted chat server with it.

The Neuron is basically a python script and very easy to configure. You only need to configure and set up the server on any machine and start the client and you are ready to go. Your friends can connect with your server with the Neuron client.

Neuron use AES encryption(Advanced Encryption Standard) for secure data transfer over the public network. That makes the script amazing.

Let’s get into the tutorial and see how it can be configured on Linux Environment.

Configure the Server

Fire up your Linux machine, change the directory to the Desktop and download the tool from Github.

cd Desktop/

git clone

Now change the directory to the Neuron folder and run the script with the command- python . If you want to share the chat room over the Internet, simply forward the port you are using.

Here we started the server and it is running on port 777 .

Now run the client script to set the hostname, port, password for the chat room by the command python .

We have set the hostname and password. Now we are connected to the server. We can share the chat room with others. It will send only encrypted conversation.

In the server terminal, it is showing two users are connected to the chat server.


This is a simple tool but people for whom privacy really does matter, it is a very helpful tool. It is also a good tool for common people. It is the best way to communicate between two or more person instead of chatting on Social Networking sites who have data breach problems.

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