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Keep in mind it takes about 7 mins to create it and 20-30 mins for it to verify and work

Someone confirmed he’s been using this for over a year, so most likely this won’t get patched.

Go to

Click “Create Account” and click “Being Creating My Account”

Now go to and sign in with Google.

Go to advanced options and set the age to only 23 (23-23). Set the gender to whatever you want, and click generate.

Enter the data from the fakenamegenerator into the Account Creation on the application.

Select “I don’t have a middle name”. Also select No for Previous name and No for Preferred Name. Also select None for Suffix

Copy the birthday from the fakenamegenerator (make sure the age is correct, the year 1995)

Enter the SSN from the form, but don’t include the dashes, (just the numbers)

Click Continue

Get a trash email service (You NEED access to it) and enter that email in the email and email confirmation place.

Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator with the dashes into the first number box and check the box under it.
Leave the second phone number blank.

Go to Visit

Zoom in and click on a house in the red area

Click on the little box at the bottom with the street address that is shown

Enter the address shown on the left of google maps into the account creation forum

Click continue

Enter a random username, password, and pin. You won’t need to remember this info

Choose and answer security questions randomly, You don’t need these.

Solve the captcha and click “Create my account”

Click continue

Click Start Application

Select a random term, and select undecided on both goals and major.

Select “My mailing address is the same as the Permanent Address in my OpenCCC Account above”

Click Continue

Select the gender of the name you used

Choose “No” for transgender and select heterosexual/straight

Select random educational levels

Select “No” for Hispanic or Latino

Only Select WHITE

Click Continue

Select First-time student in college (after leaving high school)

Select Received high school diploma from U.S. school

Select 21st of June, then the year before you are doing this (while I’m writing this, 2017)

Check Yes for both boxes

Select I attended high school, California, and Sacramento High.

Put 3.50-4.0 as GPA, and put random highest courses and grades corrolating to GPA

Select No degree and select no Colleges/Universities Attended (None)

Click Continue

Select US citizen and select No military status applies to me

Select Yes for California Residence and select no for everything else

Click continue

Select the following answers in order: yes, no, no, no not interested. Then select random programs

Select English as the primary language

Enter the phone number from fakenamegenerator as your cell phone number (without dashes)

Select 3.50 and above as GPA

Select 0 as number of college units

Select US for both options for additional citizenship info

Select random household income, random individuals and select none, not searching for employment

Select no for all options

Select no for learning disabilities and yes for work experience

Choose and answer security questions (REMEMBER THESE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS)

Click continue, click I consent, then continue again

Click “I have reviewed this application and confirm it is complete and accurate”

Check both boxes and click Submit My Application

You should get an email saying they got your application

Wait until they accept it (usually takes about 30 mins on work hours)

You should get an email saying they accepted it

Go to

Click the set new password button and copy the student id in the email to the box

Paste the student ID on the form

Enter the security questions from earlier

Enter the new password of your choice

Go to


Click Los Rios Gmail

You have finished the guide! You are in your email account now. Your email address is w(studentID)

WARNING: It’s an Updated method & This leak shared by an anonymous friend (Say hello & thanks to him) he confirmed he’s using the mail without any stuckness, so you should follow the steps properly to get it done.




Which college should I select while creating application?


Error 1020 Access Denied. Any help ?

who did this does not deserve a like they deserve a big hug/kiss


It didn’t asked for these security questions. However i’ve recieved an email on one of the colleges domain i guess. It’s How can i use it now. And i can’t reset the pass on los rios site coz it didn’t ask for questions and the questions it’s now asking i never answered.

Working…got another edu mail id…

<<Welcome to the Peralta Colleges!

Your application has been received and you have been classified as exempt from assessment and orientation. You can now log into your Passport Student Center ( using the login information below. You can view the date for open enrollment in your Student Center.>>


The method is working well. Email mail comes within 1 hour.


Which college should I select at the time of “Start a New Application”?

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Which college should I select at the time of “Start a New Application”?

Hi all,
I would like to say a few things here and also I would like ask help.
First I got a EDU mail from San Bernardino ( and they cancel it because I did not do an application in some class. Also this is happens in a lot of school in the state of California.
Now I got an edu mail from and they are asking for the same or they will cancel, so someone here could give a help? I need to learn how to apply for a class.

HI guys,
Sorry I forgot,
Thank you very much for share this instructions with us,
I hope people that read here do not spread this to forums, also do not sell this and do not sell the edu email, because this actions is what made the school act like they are doing, they are cancelling the applications and the Google Account.

Awesome! Thank you very much Captain @SaM for sharing!
Happy Learning

Which College ?

Which college

I got the email and also able to login into passport center but unable to login into student email section in outlook. it says username not found.

Dear sir , although I managed to get a CCC registration for a long time, just recently I got a .edu email and it actually happened incredibly fast and easy.
College is
Peralta Community College District

Admissions & Records Office

[email protected]
In 24h email became active and I got azure and office 365 registration
I have to admit I actually entered random info in the admission process as well as no ssn or phone number.

Thank you SAM


Will get active in 24h

working thank u.

i had made it and mail also came but when i am opening your link Go to then it says system unavailable
please help me how to resolve it

And thanks in advance

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SaM type it wrong… it’s