How To Create And Verify Cashapp Accounts! Even If You Are Not From The USA!

- What do you need to create a Cashapp account?

  1. Any FREE VPN.
  2. At least 1$.
  3. A number from

- How to do it?

  1. First of all download any free VPN from the app store/google play. Connect to any US server.
  2. Buy ssn and dob (Social security number and date of birth), the best site to buy is
  3. Download Cashapp, if you aren’t a US citizen you won’t find it in google play, so search “Cashapp.apk” in google and download the app. In app store just change the country to US.
  4. Create a new account, use your e-mail or a number from textnow.
  5. It asks for full name, use the name on the SSN you bought. Same with the ZIP.
  6. Now you have to order a cash card. Tap order, you don’t have to customize it.
  7. In the mailing address you have to options, you either ask your american friend to receive the card for you or just send it to the mailing address in the SSNDOB.
  8. When you hit next you will put the legal name again and it will ask for the last 4 digits in the social security number.
  9. Congratulations you didn’t have to waste a few bucks on this account, it didn’t take 5 minutes to do all that.

- How to cash out?

  • If you want to deposit your money to cash you have many options, the first and easiest is exchanging, you are gonna need to look for an exchanger to cash out to bitcoin. If you ever need help with this just send me a private message.
  • Or just link your bank account.

- Having troubles creating the account?

  • So if you are having troubles creating the account just send me a private message and I’ll create one for you, free! Or you can use a holder to accept payments for you.

Happy learning!


Hi @Prometheus
Thank you for sharing with us

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would love to have an account but I don’t have text now account cos I wasn’t able to…but I have other details and a google number…can that also work out?