How to create a Gmail account without phone number verification

How to create a Gmail account without phone number verification? I really need it. I searched on Google but did not find any good solution. Please help me out. Thank you in advance.

This topic posted by @SaM can solve ur difficulities


Check these:


@Hyperdemongod @TinTunAung Thanks, I hope it will work :heart:

use android mobile for creating gmail account…
in mobile there’s an option to skip verification while creating the account…

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damm man i dont think google account required phone no. just try signup in pc leaving phone no. blank. it will created automatically.

P.S: i recently created one account after seeing your post :expressionless: :expressionless:


@Rafs It’s not working. :cry:

try doing this from…setting>accounts>add account>google

mine is still working…

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still if you are not getting ping me i will give mine new created!

Its very difficult to create gmail without phone number , i try a lots of method some are work some are doesn’t , but today i found a interesting video on this topic and its work , i hop it will helpful for you.

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@ptanhisuo Thanks bro :heart_eyes: