How To Crack Chaturbate Account | Gurantee Method

First of all we need a working config for openbullet to crack chaturbate accounts i uploaded one here…Chaturbate_anom


We need to make combos, yes MAKE combos.

  1. We need to scrap the usernames from users with tokens, for that we goto and search for any streamer.

  2. We are going to get into the room and click on users

  3. Lets copy all users with colored names, colored names means they have tokens or they purchased tokens one time!

  4. Paste them into a .txt file

  5. So now we have scrapped out the usernames of guys with tokens, and saved them into a .txt file. now we need to make combos out of the usernames, for this i uploded my password list which i always use to get the best results. download for the password list here…b/passwords_txt

  1. Go into the Combo Making tool which i uploaded here…/ComboMaker_zip

  1. Now follow these steps: Click on “Load Scrapped Usernames” and load your usernames that you scrapped from chaturbate in step 3 and 4.

  2. Click on “Load Combo Filter” and enter the password list which i have provided in step 5.

  3. Now click on “Start ComboXD” to generate your combos, the output will be looking like this



the password list and the combo making tool are not found

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