How to copy GDrive files to OneDrive?

I just wanted to know is there any way to copy GDrive files to Onedrive, WOTHOUT USING BANDWIDTH?

I know we can do that intra-G Drive thru rclone but I’m not sure about GDrive to Onedrive.

Any help is appreciated.

If you are transferring from GDrive to Onedrive 5TB account which you’ve got from somewhere here then please don’t, cause that doesn’t last for long, one day it’s here and the next day it’s gone. So don’t waste your energy and time if you don’t have a Legit Onedrive storage which is provided by the college itself.

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Use , it is by Microsoft and its free…so don’t worry about storage and all.
Note- Does not work on Shared/Team Drives

you can use and you will get 30GB of traffic per month to transfer/sync clouds data. but you can use the link below to Get AOMEI MultCloud subscription for 3 months for free with (200 GB of traffic per month).
and to use it just see some tutorial on youtube.

You can use rclone in google colab. Fast speed, not using any of your bandwidth