How to Copy Files From Google Shared Drive to another Share Drive!

Dear Friends,

How to copy file from one shared drive to another shared drive. i want to create multiple backup so if one is gone ! my files are safe!

if any one has solution please share on urgent basis!


Use Folgo Toolbox add on from Google Workspace Marketplace. I did around 500GB of copying and paste in one day with that. You just have to select a source folder and add a target folder. Uncheck copy folders only option.

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Well as someone who moves Tbs of data every other day I am well qualified to answer this question and well there are two ways of moving stuff efficiently


Use of airexplorer which can be found over here at


Use of rclone which is compratively complex but depends on the type of stuff you are moving, if it is a large volume of small files use rclone!

Brother it can be done via multiple applications two of which I listed above

use cracked version of Airexplorer.
The specialty of airexplorer is its a GUI and doesnt uses bandwidth to copy within same account. You can copy like 500GiB file via drag and drop to different teamdrive in a second. i use it to copy all my files. It has 750GiB limit tho. so when it reaches it. i just switch account.

i could use rclone and gclone too, but for simple copy stuffs, airexplorer is just way ahead in it league.


Airexplorer giving error!

limit exceeded!

I have sent a reply, on Dm

For now I am making a comprehensive guide on how to use rclone and I will try to cover a lot of things that I know


using AutoRclone allows transfer up to 75TB/1 day.


Thank you very much. This helped me a lot

File blocked by hosting company

RClone can do it quickly.

AirExplorer is Best !

Easy Interface no More Commands and all!

and due to GUI its Best!

pls we really need that

Rclone upto 750gb, autorclone 75tb per day, fclone 75tb per day (fastest)

Autorclone and fclone requires manager level access.

Telegram clonebot can do the job if you want to copy files from public to your teamdrive.

All of them perform server side copy (250-600 mb/sec), so none of them count to your mobile data

Let me know if you guys need tutorial for any of them

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With so many requests I think I will have to make it asap

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Do you have a link for the β€œair live drive” addon pro for air explorer??, cause I want to be able to mount the drive.

Yes Need Tutorials but easy!

You can use telegram bots or deploy your own bot

it transfers files directly through clouds or uses our internet to transfer?

Air explorer won’t use your internet if doing Google to Google. Check my rclone and colab guide as it will take almost no internet at all but yeah it will take more work