How To Code & Create Games In Python | Complete Tutorial

Computer programmers are the unsung heroes of the modern world. From smartphones to laptops, traffic systems to bank cards, their hard work touches almost every aspect of our lives. Behind each technological advance is a team of creative coders. Over the past 30 years, computer games have become one of the most exciting and popular areas of the entertainment industry to work in. Becoming a game programmer takes creative flair to help create the story, graphics, music, and characters you need for your games, and the technical know-how to bring them to life. Who knows? This book may be the very first step on your journey from gamer to game maker. Learning to code isn’t just for people who want to be professional programmers, though. Coding skills are useful in lots of different jobs that may seem to have nothing to do with computers at first. Programming expertise is essential to subject areas as diverse as science, business, art, and music.

This Tutorial that compressed into a book uses a programming language called Python®, a fairly simple text-based language, and is perfect for beginners, or as a step up from Scratch™. However, unlike Scratch, it was not created especially to teach coding. Python is as popular with budding coders as it is with professionals, and is one of the most widely used professional programming languages in the world. It pops up in banking, medicine, animation, and even space exploration.

The best way to learn any new language is to get immersed in it, and programming languages are no different. Building your own computer games is a fun way to combine theory and practice. If you’re a brand-new coder, start off with the basics at the beginning of this book before moving on to the more complex games as the book progresses. By following the step-by-step guides, you’ll find out how professional coders think when they’re building a computer game. Follow those steps carefully and you’ll have your own games up and running in no time. Then, if you really want to push yourself, you can try tweaking the code to make your games unique.

Everybody, whether a beginner or a pro, makes mistakes. Nothing frustrates a coder more than the bugs that manage to creep into their programs. If something goes wrong in one of your games, go back over your code and check it all carefully. There are hints and tips throughout the book that will help you do this. Most importantly, don’t get disheartened—finding and fixing errors in your code is all part of being a programmer. The more practice you get, the fewer bugs your code will contain, and the quicker you’ll catch the little ones that still appear.

Most importantly, have fun! Once you’ve completed the games, you can show them off
to your friends and family—they’ll be amazed by what you’ve managed to make. This
book is packed with games to suit every audience, and we hope you enjoy building and
playing them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. Continue Tutorial…

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