How to clock affiliate links

Is there any script or something that i can use for link clocking ??
Visitors should be count on my website.but they direct visit to amazon


Can You Cloak Affiliate Links Without A Website?

Technically, you can cloak your affiliate links without a website by using services such as or However, there are some drawback to this.

  1. You can’t customize the cloaked URL itself, so it’s often just a jumble of letters and numbers (this erodes trust as mentioned above)
  2. Destination can’t be changed
  3. You can’t manage your links easily
  4. It’s not easy to insert the links into your content as you’re writing; you have to go to the service and eyeball them until you find the one you want to copy
  5. If you lose the login, you lose the history

How To Use ThirstyAffiliates To Cloak Links

Cloaking your link using our tool, ThirstyAffiliates, couldn’t be easier.

First, you’ll need to install the free ThirstyAffiliates plugin, which can be found by searching for “thirstyaffiliates” in your dashboard under Plugins > Add New. Alternatively, you can download it here.

Once installed, you can move into the fun part.

To add your first affiliate link:

  1. Go to ThirstyAffiliates > Add New in your Dashboard
  2. Set a name
  3. Set the destination URL (your affiliate link as provided by the affiliate program)
  4. (Optional) Select a category or add a new category
  5. Hit the Save Link button

Congratulations, you just set up your first affiliate link in ThirstyAffiliates!

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