How to Check If a number is using Whatsapp or not

I have a list of phone numbers,
I need to see how many of those numbers are using whatsapp

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save it in ur phone and check in the whatsapp, if it appear then it is there in the whatsapp else not.

Save the number
Open whatsapp
Search contact if the number you saved showed they are on whatsapp if not they are not using

Just google n download whatsapp bulk sender turbo where you can check how many contact nos are no on whats-ap associated. However sending bulk massage may be block danger, be careful.

I guess I have a very easy and simple shortcut for it :
Open Chrome or message any friend (who doesnt read your messages lol)
Type[countrycode][Mobile Number]
Do it on your mobile and it will ask you to open whatsapp
Open whatsapp if the number exists then it will let you send message if it doesn’t exist then it will show whatsapp for that number doesnt exist
Simple Af :slight_smile:


yes this is best

This is know.
Want to do it in bulk for 10k numbers

Make a Python bot for the method Prince suggested

Android app does exist for it, if you need the link I can drop it

I found a github repository, you can do it with that :