How To Bypass Surveys

OK, first off I think I should explain a few things. First of all, 90% of all surveys, particularly download sites, are fake. Generally when you try to download file, or access something, and it asks for a survey, it’s fake. This is mainly due to the way these sites work. I’ll use an example: fileice. Fileice is a very common website to download files, except they ask for a survey.

I have heard of people who have been able to get files of fileice but it is very rare and very uncommon and I’ll tell you why. People upload their files to fileice and get paid whenever someone completes a survey, trying to download their file. Fileice also makes a hefty profit from all the companies that are doing the surveys, which usually ask for very personal information. The thing is that these surveys almost every time upon completion redirect to another survey, which on completion of that one redirect to another.

This goes on and on until the person doing the surveys gives up, so the offer is never completed. The only way I have every heard of getting a file off fileice is using a VPN for like North Korea and completing an obscure offer that requires you to simply sign up for some subscription using your email, and that’s very rare and almost never happens. Fileice is one of the few that it is actually possible to download files off of, there are some that are completely fake.

Another popular one that I often see people trying to download files off of is: gripdownload. Gripdownload is completely fake, always has been, always will be. Infact anyone with an ounce of computer sense will realise that the name of the file that you are supposedly downloading is built into the URL. You can change the URL and change the name of the file you are supposed to be downloading! Also, if any of you think that those “Survey Bypass programs” will actually work, forget it! Those are either viruses, or will require you to fill out a survey to get it, which is kind of ironic when you think about it. In the end, most downloads with surveys are fake, or extremely hard to get.

There are usually 3 types of survey scams, some more clever than others. Here’s the 3 most common methods so you can be aware of it, and know when your being scammed. Hundreds of people fall for these every day so keep watch for them.

1. The download scam

This is the most common one and require you to fill out the survey to get the file you are asking for. Usually these sites will provide a snippet of information (for example the size of the file), to make you think what you are download is legitimate. This is fake and the URL can usually be manipulated to change that. The file will never download and you will never get past the surveys.

2. The password-for-the-file scam.

This scam is more clever but still way too widely used. Basically you download file, usually a RAR file or sometimes a ZIP file. And you try to extract it. Suddenly you realise it needs a password to extract and you check the archive. The archive has a file named “Password for the file” so you click on that. It tells you to go to a site, to download a TXT file containing the password. This TXT file is protected by a survey and you need to complete a survy to download the supposed TXT file to get the password for the RAR or ZIP. More people fall for this one because it essentially gives people way more of a security that what they’re downloading is legitimate. I mean, if you have the file in a zip, it wouldn’t make sense to password protect it and not give people the password. But that’s what they do. Must of the time the file that is password protected is fake and if you even were to get the password, the file would do nothing. If you’re sure the file in the ZIP is legitimate, use a RAR or ZIP cracker, but I have to warn you, these programs take a horrendously long time to crack the file you want, usually the passwords are very long and very difficult to crack. By the time you have cracked the file, you have either lost interest or discover that the file is garbage. In the end, this is also a scam as there is no way to get the password, and even if you did, the file you want is completely useless.

3. The inside-the-program scam

This one is the most clever in my opinion. I have only seen a couple instances of this scam but I know it’s around. Basically you download the program you want, and it asks you to complete a survey to run the program or more importantly, to update it. I was impressed yet annoyed when I was looking for a program called KMSPico. KMSPico has a website called but these people decided to create a website called that is the supposed official website for KMSPico. You download an EXE, and it runs through a fake install then a CMD window opens up. It says “Checking for updates” then “Download the update to continue with the install”. It opens up a browser window that, wonder of wonders, requires a survey to download the update. I broke into the program and scoped it out and it basically is a crude installer that installers a couple fake files along with a batch file which is what displays the “Update” window. This one can be very clever but keep in mind it is still a scam and you will never get the update or what you seek.

Now, if you were here looking for the part about bypassing surveys, here it is! Keep in mind this does not work for all surveys, and particularly does not work for all the ones I just mentioned, you can’t bypass a scam. Nevertheless there are some surveys that actually have the content you seek, and can be manipulated to give you that content without running through a bunch of needless surveys.

1. The modify-the-html method.

This method is pretty straightforward. You take the webpage with the survey and the content in the back, and you download it to your computer. Then open the HTML page in your text editor and remove all the code for the survey. Usually you can tell what is and isn’t part of the survey it’s not hard. Alternatively you can open that page in Microsoft Word which should display it without all the useless surveys.

2. The website method.

I have discovered several websites that can actually LEGITIMATELY remove the surveys on a webpage. Again keep in mind this will only work if the content you want is only BLOCKED by the survey, not required to download something. The website is: This website can remove the code for the survey on the webpage and display the page survey free. It offers several checkboxes that allow you to tweak certain settings like “Encrypt URL” and “Allow Cookies”. This website automates something that you could technically do yourself but does make it easier if you can’t download the webpage you want to remove the surveys from.

Another site that I really like is: http://download-boss…-and-much-more/ This site claims to be able to download files from places like fileice that require you to complete a survey to download the file. The websites on their small list are all websites that you could feasably download file from. Although it’s highly unlikely. I tried this website with fileice and was unable to download the file but I have heard many positive reviews for this site so I encourage you to try it out as it is your best bet for downloading survey-protected files. But again most of the download sites for surveys are scams so don’t expect much out of this site.

3. Download it somewhere else!

I know this seems obvious but download the file or program you are looking for somewhere else. If the file or program is legitimate someone will have uploaded it to a non-survey site to download. If it is a crack or keygen that you are trying to download (and personall I think it usually is), then it’s probably a scam as most of the people releasing this stuff seem to do things that are impossible. If it is possible, it will be very public and you would know about it. All those websites claiming to give gift cards or gift card codes, fake! If it were legitimate everyone down your block would know about it and would be getting rich getting free gift cards and selling them for half their balance. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. And that’s the cold hard truth.


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