How To Bypass NordVPN Locked Verification | 2021

  • Firstly you’ll obviously need a NordVPN Account, which if you’re here is locked

  • You will download the old version of NordVPN Client [v6.33.10.0]:


  • It is the official release, you can search through the internet, I just posted here to be sure that will not “disappear”

  • Since the old client doesn’t use the web login you can put the credentials of the account and guess what? Done!

NOTE: After steps above u can upgrade to the newest version of NordVPN and will automatically log in to the account from early. I recommend staying on older version, because every time you need to change the account you have to do all the steps again.



Here’s old version from Nord CDN


dont think it ll last long it may require to use only latest version in future it is trying hard to prevent cracked accounts

Bypass NordVPN Verification

Use the *.ovpn config files taken from the NordVPN website. Download OpenVPN configuration files | NordVPN
and then using them with OpenVPN Connect Here
This doesn’t ask for the verification and is actually much better than the app (with the downsides of lack of choice of servers).

So these are the steps-

  1. Download OpenVPN Connect v3 from Here
  2. Install it.
  3. Go to Here and download the TCP or the UDP config for your server.
  4. If you are confused which file to take, I’d recommend TCP. You can search by Ctrl+F and filter countries by their initials (uk, us, in for india, etc.)
  5. After downloading the file double click on it (you should have connect installed by now)
  6. You should get a screen where it would ask you to set name and stuff. Add username and password.
  7. Now you can connect your desired server from OpenVPN Connect.
  8. If you see a connection error saying “Missing external certificate”, just click on continue and ignore that. CA keys and TLS certificates are embedded within the configuration files.

Enjoy :+1:


Alternatively, you can go here to find the fastest server for your desired country, and also download the config from there.

i tried thsese steps on my huawei y6 phone and on my MacOs laptop and it didn’t work. The OpenVPN Connect v3 didn’t open after downloading. Pls is there any solution I can get to this problem. Thanks

For your Huawei (Google Android or custom Huawei?):
or search HUAWEI AppGallery / Google Play Store for “OpenVPN Connect – Fast & Safe SSL VPN Client”

For Mac:

Hope this helps

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