How To Bypass Facebook OTP Verification

As you already know,Facebook hacking has been a difficult thing because of the one time phone verification code normally sent to account users for security reasons.

In this article, we are briefly going to discuss the SS7 software,at which you can easily use to hack and recover someone’s Facebook account using just clients phone number.

Research has proven that if you know the phone number of your intended victim, you can break into their linked Facebook accounts without Facebook phone verification code.

The SS7 software is a hack apk developed in 1975 which is used worldwide to define how networks in a public switched telephone network exchange information over a digital signaling network.

While using the SS7 software,all you need to do is to follow the “Forgot account”procedure through Facebook’s homepage,and when asked for a phone number or email address,offer the legitimate phone number.

Once Facebook has sent along an SMS message containing the one-time code used to access the account,the SS7 security flaw can then be exploited to divert this code to the attacker’s own mobile device,granting them access to the victim’s account.

The victim must have linked their phone number to the target account,but as the security flaw is found within the telecommunications network and not online domains,this attack will also work against any web service which uses the same account recovery procedure such as Gmail and Twitter.

The SS7 is highly recommended,for those whom might have been trying to hack Facebook account without stress.

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