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Fast internet is the dream for the current generation. No matter where you are, this is one of those things you will require more and more of in the world where we grow extremely dependent on internet to get our work done. Fast internet speed is now synonymous with getting your work done quicker.

The only problem is that we as a society are growing more dependent on internet to get the work done, thus resulting in more slower internet speeds. The reason for this is that now a days there are huge number of devices that connect to our home network and really clogs down the internet speed. What if you could limit the max speed on those devices and free the bandwidth so that you can get access to better internet speed.

Here I describe how I did exactly something like this and how I pulled it off?

Let’s begin!

So, the need for this really comes in when you have multiple people connected to the same network and they are causing the internet speed to go down. The best example that I can give you for this is, the college networks where all the students are connected to the Wi-Fi router significantly slowing down the speed. So usually the only way to remove people from the network that you are using is via getting admin privileges to the router and then using the whitelisting or blacklisting method to mark devices on the basis of their MAC address and then remove from the network but unfortunately most of the time we don’t have admin privileges.

I mean if we had admin privileges to begin with we would have configured it in such a way so that problems like these wouldn’t happen in the first place. So now our goal is to block the users on our network or at least limit their internet speed without having admin privileges on that particular router.


Evil Limiter

The tool that I used to carry out the particular task was Evil Limiter, the tools has been highly used by various security personnels. So first of all lets check the way to install the tool on your linux machine.

$ git clone

Once we get the file from github then we can proceed ahead by going inside the Evil Limiter folder and installing the file. You need to have python 3 on your system to install this on the system.

$ cd evillimiter$ sudo python3 install

Now that we have installed Evil Limiter, it is time to get familiar with the tool itself.

Commands for Evil Limiter

The commands themselves are self explanatory, so now let me tel you the step by step method to kick off other users from your network.

By defualt we are presented with the MAC address of the router, the IP address of the router and the subnet mask. These are provided to us in the very beginning to understand which machines to attack and which not to meddle with.

The first step we will carry out, will be to scan the whole network to figure out the devices that are attached to the network. Once the scan is done and completed then we can go ahead and check for the hosts via the ‘host’ command. This will present us with the MAC address of all the system connected to our network as well as their IP address.

Hosts - Evil Limiter ( NullByte )

Now, we have the IP addresses and the MAC addresses of the devices that are connected to the network. Another thing to notice here is that they are marked by their relative ID numbers so any particular command that we need to carry out can be done via the help of these ID numbers.

Limit - Evil Limiter ( NullByte )

Either we need to limit the speed of those devices while they surf the internet or want to completely block them off we can do this via these methods.

Block - Evil Limiter ( NullByte )

Once we have limited & blocked the devices we can again go and check in the hosts and figure out whether the configurations have been setup properly or not.

Hosts - Evil Limiter ( NullByte )

In this way we can block and limit the users that we don’t want to have access to the net and in this way increase our ow internet speed and enjoy. In the end when we are leaving the network we will need to free everyone else, so that now they can access the internet properly on that network and all the limitations will be removed to carry that out we run the ‘free all’ command

Free - Evil Limiter ( NullByte )

Now the hack is complete, so you need not worry at all when you join in a network where a huge number of people are already logged in, run this and you are all set to go.

Get, Set, Secure!

There is a way to protect yourself from such hacks and that is by using MAC spoofing. This hack works by blocking or limiting the internet speed on a particular MAC address but if you spoof your MAC address then the attacker will not be able to limit your internet speed and you can have access to the internet as you normally have. You can find various tools that will help you to spoof your MAC address and then hacks like this won’t affect you.

Source: GitHub & Medium.

Enjoy folks :slight_smile:


Great share but I wish there was an alternative for windows.