How To Boost Internet Speed In Just 2 Minutes!

I am going to show you how to Increase Internet Speed Just Change 1 Setting works in 2021. No one will ever share you this setting with you. So grab it and boost your Internet Speed like a Turbo.

Note: I do not own this video, I just tried it, and it works, so I thought let me help you guys!

Happy learning!


Changing DNS makes quite a difference.

My own experience with Google Public( and Cloudflare DNS( has been great. I get response time lower than 10ms every time!

Response time is important when concerned with internet speed.


Bold of you to assume nobody ever shared this setting with me

-:: A Side Note ::-

Remember: You can increase speed as in faster browsing and accessing such resources a bit faster than before, response time become better…

BUT keep in mind it doesn’t mean to increase bandwidth that configured for your connection by your ISP, so avoid getting confused, if you need better bandwidth then apply a new package or request for upgrade. Good luck!