How To Add Music To iTunes Easily

  • In order to do this, you are first gonna need a jailbroken device or a pc.

  • For the Jailbroken Method you are gonna need “Cercube for youtube” the repository is

  • When you add the repo look up cercube on cydia or whatever package manager you are using after that launch your youtube and look up the song you want.

  • After finding the song you want look for an option by the video it should say import to iTunes or something like that.

  • After you do that step you can name the song how you want and can upload any picture to it this method has worked great for me.

  • Pc Method

  • For this method you have to use the website and get the yt link of the song you want to put on iTunes

  • After that you can open the .mp3 file with itunes

  • Once opening the file with iTunes you can then import the music to your phone there should be an option for that.

  • If this method didn’t work for you or you are having struggle dm me on telegram @sixqt or watch this video they should both help out.



seems like you forgot to link the video

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