How To Activate Windows For Free Permanently | Fast & Simple & Free 2021

Activate Windows 10, for free, permanently. Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, etc. Windows Server & Microsoft Office even. Works for lifetime.

I’m tired of people selling MSDN windows 10 keys (the keys get revoked), so here’s how to activate windows for 100% free, forever. No chance of it getting revoked by Microsoft or any funny business.

You can activate any edition you want, no matter what’s currently installed on your PC. Takes like 5 mins tops.

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Also, can activate Windows Server or Office.

Open source code, 100% safe, no risk of the key getting revoked. I guess Microsoft is just too lazy to fix this, been around for a while now.

The method is as follows:

  1. Download Microsoft Activation Scripts from GitHub. Get the latest version (currently 1.4).
  1. Extract the downloaded folder using 7zip. Password is 1234.

  2. Run the .cmd file in the “All in one” folder, pretty self-explanatory.

  3. Activate whatever Windows version you want. Most of you will press the number 2 to activate Windows.

  4. Enjoy activated windows 10.


H W I D activator would be a much better alternative.
its just download and run.

Permanently activates you windows and links it to you r account as well.
so even if you reinstall windows , logging in would automatically reactivate it.


thank you so much lovely share, I needed it strongly

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emphasized text Thanks a lot