How I’m Finding Clients To Resell Services From BHW and other Marketplaces

Service Information

  • The SmallSEO & TrafficTools report I saw stated that the ebook had 75% unique content, which was acceptable.
  • The ebook was 35 pages long.
  • I felt like the ebook was organised and formatted decently enough for the most part.
  • As advertised, I saw nothing in the book that required you to build a website or invest hundreds of dollars. Some of the methods didn’t require you to use any of the “big sites” mentioned in the opening post (social media accounts at most).

What Could Use Improvement

  • The spelling and grammar are a bit funky in this ebook. Use of the wrong pronoun, using semi-colon as a colon, missing determiners, straight up spelling errors and typos (e.g., “theese”), etc.

The greatest thing about this method?
⦁ You won’t need to build a website
⦁ You won’t need to invest hundreds of dollars
⦁ You’re independent of Instagram, Google and other big tech companies from which updates usually destroy hundreds of methods and sink thousands of web businesses. This method works and will continue to work for a long time.

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Happy learning!