How do I stream on YouTube 365/24/7?

Yo guys! Hope everyone’s doing good.

I wanted to stream on YouTube 24/7 without any issues. I have tried streaming using Windows VPS Server from Vultr but it seemed to be very expensive and many times I was noticing frame drops and stream used to pause. Also, did try using Azure Windows Server with the highest VM Size available in the free credits but the stream used to pause and stop automatically within first 10 minutes. I tried lowering the Bitrate and other Output settings, but it didn’t make any difference.

I have seen Live Streams on YT which are LIVE since months. I don’t really know alot of ways to stream 24/7 on YouTube.

Does anyone know how to do it? Also, any cost effective method?


Yeah, I also want to know this.

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Buy RDP bro and set it up and do streaming

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Just use obs studio on pc with at least 16gb ram

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I’m down with only 12gb. So, can’t do this well thank you for the answer.