How can I create a coupon website? And what Wordpress theme should I use?

I want to start a website like or I know how to register a domain and get hosting and this kind of stuff, but the rest is lost on me. So, I would like to get your advice on the following:

  1. What Wordpress theme should I use?
  2. What affiliate networks pay best?
  3. How can I join these affiliate networks?
  4. What are the best methods to drive traffic to the website?

Thanks in advance,

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I think there is a wordpress centric coupon course on skillshare.don’t know whether i can post a link give it a search.

  1. You can use any e-commerce theme such as OceanWP or Astra

2-3. You can do research on this such as Amazon, eBay, or any web hosting affiliate that I can mention here. But again each of affiliate program they have their own scheme. If you look for the good one you can find any ERP program affiliate such as SAP, Oracle, Sage. They pay you based on the ERP license that you can sell.

  1. There are several posting in 1H elaborate about how to drive web traffic

Good luck.


I searched through the skillshare website but couldnt find a course on creating a coupon website. Can you please post a link to the course. would be much appreciated. Thanks

here’s the course Start Your Successful Coupon Business Today by Masuk Sarker Batista