Hey, Sir can you help with some deep web knowledge

I was exploring the deep web. I found many websites that sell cards, dumps etc. Some provide money transfer services like PayPal money transfer. And those websites are listed in the hidden wiki or tor wiki. I know you have lots of knowledge about deep web. Can you share some trusted websites that do this kinds of frauds. Like PayPal transfer etc. Thank you.


Do you mind if I convert this PM to Public Topic? It will help other 1Hackers as well.


Nevermind, absolutely you can share publicly. It would help many for sure.


Good question. Following this topic.

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All the listings you see at Dark Web or at any private hacking forum are 100% fake; there is no such thing that exists.

We will encourage @Ze380y to share her sad experience with 1Hackers, how altenen’s scam actually took place, the full story. As she finds guilty to publicly share such worst nooby kinda step of her, we already had a word with her regarding this.

They looted $600 worth bitcoins from her in-exchange for Western Union Transfer at altenen, yea, that’s quite a roll.

Anyways, let’s get into their sleeves.

All the posts you see at Dark Web or at any private hacking forum, they have this in common…
  • The listing price is set to a little high, starting from $250 - $300 - higher-high…!

The price itself makes the listing look genuine. Also, their very convincing FAQ, like altenen sellers have.

Just go through the transaction threads which they had created from their fake accounts.


  • Most of the accounts aren’t active after making the purchase and creating the thread!

A quick human fact, if you’re the person who is getting something from a shady website for half the price of the original item or service.

Will you do not log in to the account to see your order status or to re-order the same stuff again & again after the set of time?

Yes, you will, just like any other human being, but in shady website’s case.

If you go through the accounts claiming that they have purchased their service and waiting for the escrow to confirm their sent bitcoins or happy customers with reviews, they are most likely to be inactive, their last seen is quite inhuman.

The active ones you see are the real accounts that they’ve allowed to post such threads to ease half of their work.

The standard procedure of scamming websites would be to get the buyer’s amount at first & atmost with escrow service fees :slight_smile: Then, banning the account to create a fake thread from the same account with a totally different look from previous fake threads. Sigh!

Ahh! Too much work, let the user post the thread by himself only to ease the above process and also to look way too natural. :slight_smile:

Once the buyer posts the thread and private message, the seller or escrow team, the very next step is predictable from their end, to ban the account for further activity and whining.

Websites like altenen seem to be quite smart, they might improvise their scam procedure after reading this thread, as most of our forum threads are widely shared there with no credits to the 1Hackers. :smirk:

How they market the trust among their visitors/members!

First, they will honestly sell small stuff to their members, the services which are already to be easily accessible to a rookie Dark Web user, services like buying the website’s VIP subscription, activation of an account, cc, vcc, proxy, socks, etc.

When you purchase one small amount item using their escrow service, which they will successfully fulfill it just to create the trust environment between the buyer and the website services, after this, the scam starts when you’re in the bottle!

How does the scam work?

Suppose, if someone purchases their listed PayPal, Western Union, or any cheap smartphone/laptop’s gig, using their so-called escrow as the middle man service. They’ll first ask for higher escrow fees, compared to the previous transaction.

Once you send escrow team the seller’s listing amount with escrow fees, you will see a quick ban on your account, or no one will reply to your messages. If you keep whining to the staff like, an old married woman, you will see an account disabled notification at the next login for sure!

The escrow team or internal staff are always involved in such fraudulent activity.

There is one simple humanly logic for everything that exists in this pretty dark, selfish, Necrophagous world!

Suppose someone has such a full proof trick, and from that, they can easily earn without getting caught.

In that case, there’s not even a single person in this whole old world who will share their full-proof tricks or their earning service to the common whining public for such cheap cost, that’s for sure!

In Dark Web cases, their listing is half the original price of the item or the service, so think yourself and always use human logic to figure out such fraudulent scams.

Hope this answers your question.


thanks man very useful info, these things make the 1HACK community stand out from the rest!

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