Henblack005’s Fake ID for Verifications and Stealth PayPal

Hello, we at Henblack005 offer Edited fake ID documents such as Drivers Licenses, ID, Passports, Utility Bills, Credit Cards and Bank Statements of over 70+ countries for any type of Online verification. Some of the major countries are – USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Australia, Italy, Spain, Philippines and much more.
Fake ID templates PSD
We also make Stealth PayPal accounts with edited documents (ID proof, Address Proof, Bank Statement); we specialize in Philippines and UK accounts. We also have virtual credits for PayPal and works in any country.

If you are Familiar with Photoshop we can offer the layered editable templates as well :slight_smile:


Any Edited Document - $15

PayPal VCC - $8

Special Stealth PayPal Offer - $25 (Philippines Business acc + ID Proof + Address Proof + Bank Statement + VCC)

Editable PSD Template Country Pack - $10

Help and Support

We also provide 100% free support and advice to anyone with PayPal / eBay issues so feel free to ask any doubts you’ll have :slight_smile:

You can check out my history on the forum in case you don’t trust me, I have helped a lot of people here and will continue to do in the future :slight_smile: We also have an autobuy store with plenty of positive customer reviews

Payment Methods: PayPal, BTC, ETH, Skrill


Disclaimer: Purchase from this seller, at your own risk, as 1Hack will not be responsible for any future loss on any of your willing trades from any “Want To Sell” (WTS) threads.

  • Tips: Ask the seller to provide some sort of middleman service, like escrow.com, for the sake of trade security reason, if the seller cannot abide on this, then 1Hack will suggest you to not trade anything with that specific seller. Good luck! :+1:

Hello You have a CHILE document template


Yeah, We have the Chile Passport PSD Template and Chile Utility Bill PSD Template.

Could you provide me with some proof of what it looks like please.

sure -

Hey do you have an editable pack for PH?
Tell me what are included and price.

can you create a functional seller ebay account which is not blocked?
how much?

@veypoff Yes we do it has Drivers License, Passport and a Utility Bill, $10 for the Pack, Send me a DM for store link as im not allowed to post links here :slight_smile:

@ransford_borketey We haven’t dived into eBay yet but will let you know once we do :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it does not serve me. I don’t need a passport. What I need is an identity document

please do… all accounts I create to sell gets blocked

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Hi, How can I contact to you directly ?
I would like to make an order.

@11154 I m there on telegram i’ll DM you my tag as well the autobuy store link :slight_smile:

@ransford_borketey try following these tips when making a new account -

Henblack005’s How to Minimise eBay account suspensions (For new accounts)

:o: Do not start selling as soon as you open the account, wait atleast a month and make sure to show some activity eg- like browsing for products daily or atleast once per 3 days

:o: Build atleast a couple of feedbacks before selling. Eg- bid on low priced products on auctions and ask for feedback from sellers

:o: List your first product location as the country you live in, do not put China. Either list something no one will buy like very expensive shit product and let the listing stay for some weeks and then start dropshopping


Start with dropshopping and list product location as your country even tho its from China (for atleast 3 products) you’ll only have to apologise to 3 customers :slight_smile:

Follow these simple tips to lower the chance of an automated suspension. Good Luck!

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Hey, Can you ping me details on how I can contact you directly? Need a Philippines Biz Paypal Account. Please do DM me

Anyway way to withdraw from this philippines business account?

@darthvader I use telegram, shoot me a message @Bigbladhead007

@SOZEN If you want you can link your card to it, or you can sell the $ to local buyers or even buy BTC and then withdraw to your bank

Do you have USA new york DL?

Yes i do, shoot me a msg on telegram

I need a functional and verified Xoom (by Paypal) account, no matter the country, the main thing is that it can allow me to make transfers without problems. Can you provide it?

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Ah sorry mate we are not familiar with those accounts :frowning:

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