(help) how to make paypal account in countries where its not allowed

Hi y’all as you can see from the title PayPal doesn’t let me create an account from my country ie:- Pakistan I mean there might be other countries too where it isn’t supported yet so my question was how to create an account on PayPal given that I’ve always wanted to do freelancing and am good at a bunch of stuff including graphic designing etc but the only problem is PayPal. Can anyone guide me as to how to make an account on it

Creating paypal from a different country of origin is not recommended. But it is very possible to do. First you have to checkout the country code of country you want to create from here, https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/reference/country-codes/#paypal-account-payments.

for eg, you want to create a USA paypal account, You goto paypal.com/us.
For UK account, you goto paypal.com/UK and so on.