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What are digital traces?


Through your computer, mobile phone, and other digital devices, you leave behind hundreds of digital traces (also called data traces) every day: bits of information about you that are created, stored and collected.

When your digital traces are put together to create stories about you or profiles of you, these become your digital shadows. These can give others huge insight into your life, and they can also be totally wrong. Either way, once they’re out there, they are almost impossible to control…

Companies that track you around:

  • Facebook (Data policy: here)
  • Twitter (Privacy policy: here)
  • Instagram (Data policy: here)
  • Google (Privacy policy: here)
  • WhatsApp (Privacy policy: here)

But wait, I’ve got nothing to hide and I am just one of millions and billions, I am not interesting for… blablabla.

Read this: https://myshadow.org/tracking-so-what

Trace your shadow

You can trace your own shadow here: https://myshadow.org/trace-my-shadow