[GUIDE] Activate All Versions of Windows 10


  1. Download the file thk.003mk6_pw.zip to a folder which is excluded from all antivirus programs .
  2. Extract the contents of the archive into the folder where you downloaded the file with WinRAR , 7-zip or an archival tool of your choice. Password = 123 .
  3. Double click on the file hwid.kms38.gen.mk6.exe .
  4. Click on the Work Mode dropdown in the top right.
  5. If you are running Windows 10 LTSC 2019 v1809 , or any server edition of Windows 10 , select KMS38 , but otherwise, select HWID .
  6. Click on the START button in the bottom left of the window.
  7. Wait for the process to finish - you can check the status in the log window.
  8. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation to check windows is activated.
  9. Close the HWIDGEN application window. You do not need to restart your computer.


How can I verify this isn’t malicious?

  • This tool was created by s1ave77 . I did not create this tool or contribute to it’s development. It is a widely used, trusted and recommended tool in many places.
  • Scanning the tool for viruses will return some false positive Trojan detections. This is because the tool needs specific permissions to generate a ticket in order to get the activation key.
  • The working method of the tool is fully documented here under the heading REWORKED MANUAL PROCESS… .
  • File hashes for the tool are available here under the heading Hashes (EXE) .

Will this work if my PC is already activated with MSToolKit or KMS? + What do all the different working modes do?

  1. Click on the Work Mode dropdown in the top right.
  2. Select INFO .
  3. Click on the START button in the bottom left of the window.

What is the difference between HWID and KMS (38) activation?

  • Stands for Key Management System .
  • Works by renewing a license every few months (default 180 days)
  • Is a legitimate Microsoft tool heavily used in enterprise and education scenarios.
  • KMS piracy simply redirects KMS to a fake KMS server which will always return a positive response.
KMS38 (Windows 10 only)
  • KMS 38 is simply activation until 2038 (not for 38 years), however it has some fundamental differences to most KMS activators:
  • It is a completely offline process (uses a grace period).
  • Does not require any license renewal or any interaction with Microsoft or third party servers.
HWID (Windows 10 only)
  • Is a permanent digital license activation tied to your motherboard .
  • Upgrading from Windows 7 or above (legitimately activated / pirated) will generate one on your PC for free . Keys you buy from Microsoft legitimately work the same.
  • HWID activation survives re-installs of windows as well.
  • If you sign into your Microsoft account on a HWID-activated install, then change your motherboard or other hardware extensively, re-install Windows and lose activation, you can just sign back into the Microsoft account on your PC and Windows will be activated.
  • HWID piracy (hwidgen) works by using parts of your system to generate a ticket which is then sent to Microsoft servers which return a key, which is then installed.

Which editions are supported?

  • All editions of Windows 10 are supported and can be activated by this tool.
  • The activation method , however, varies depending on the edition of Windows 10 to be activated.
  • If you are using Windows 10 LTS B 1607 or normal Windows 10 Home / Pro / Education - change the Working Mode dropdown to HWID .
  • If you are on Windows 10 LTS C 1809 or any Server edition of Windows 10 - change the Working Mode dropdown to KMS38 (LTSC no longer supports HWID).
  • Note that most editions support both HWID and KMS38 , while some only support HWID and some only support KMS38 .
  • A full list of each edition’s support working modes is available here under the heading Supported Windows 10 editions (SKUs) .

After activating with KMS38, I am getting hundreds of errors in Event Viewer.

  • The error: License Activation (slui.exe) failed with the following error code: hr=0xC004F074
  • You can safely ignore this error - it is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the stability of your system or the reliability of the activation.

Do I need to sign in to my PC with a Microsoft account for this to work?

  • No. You do not need to have any Microsoft Accounts added in settings, nor do you not need to be signed into an online Microsoft account on your PC for the process to work.


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