Grow Your Snapchat Points And Real Followers For Free (Video Included)

Since many people don’t know how to grow their Snapchat. There are some methods
which works quite good. Both methods are combined into one Hide Tag here. If you unlock
it, you will get both methods :slight_smile: + Video Guide!

  1. Method is about gaining Snapchat Points (unlimited)
  2. Method is about gaining Followers (Active and Story Viewing!) [Kinda ewhorey!]

Snapchat Points (Score)

  1. Download the Snapchat++ App via TweakBoxApp ( )
    on your iPhone.

  2. Open up Snapchat++ and login with your normal Accounts credentials
    of the acc you want to boost score on.

  3. Add random Bot Accounts like these:

    • aaa
    • aaaa
    • aaaaa
    • bbb
    • bbbb
  • Go on with all letters you want. (and many many more).
  • Also you can just use friends which don’t mind, you mass snap them.
  1. Create a Group on the right site at the bottom of Snap++ (The Icon with 3 People)
    and add as many friends as you like (max. 199).

  2. Make Snaps and sent it into the Group. On this Method you gain like 200 Points / Snap you send
    into the group.

  3. Finished!

Video Guide for it:

Snapchat (ewhore) Active Followers!

  1. Go to all the following Websites:…t-sexting/…t-sexting/

  1. Add your Snap or Kik Username to ALL this pages. You will see you gain like 100-500 Adds in like 5-10 Minutes. And it wont stop (also not after days) you get daily 50-100 Adds on Snap or Kik. So its
    kinda easy to gain MANY Real Viewing Snapchatters. (Followers)

  2. That’s all :heart:

Happy learning!

Friendly Websites