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I would like help from experts. I have a newly created Brazilian company using Google My Business, but I still don’t have ratings or whether it appears in searches for its specialties. All descriptions are in Portuguese.

How can I make or create testimonials and get a Google rank using Google My Business?


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Send me a private message. I can deliver it.

You can buy the reviews.

You, can dm in private about this

If this Brazillian company is worth it, I could get you on the cover of FORBES by sundown.


Thanks for the answer.
I know I can pay for someone who writes good ratings, but in my case I need to do this from Brazilian profiles and write some Portuguese text in the rating descriptions.

This is my challenge.

I need to find some automation tool to create some dummy accounts in gmail that I can use later to write reviews with comments on specific days and times, to avoid getting penalised by Google.

As I’m still out of paid work and needing to make money to pay my bills, I need to figure out how I can improve my chances of selling my work.

Would you know how to help me? I appreciate any support or direction in this regard…


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