Google is Blocking 18 Million Coronavirus Scam Emails Every Day


1.5 billion people use Gmail, according to a recent article in the BBC. And every day millions of them receive an email about a coronavirus scam:

Scammers are sending 18 million hoax emails about Covid-19 to Gmail users every day, according to Google… The company said it was blocking more than 100 million phishing emails a day. Over the past week, almost a fifth were scam emails related to coronavirus. The virus may now be the biggest phishing topic ever, tech firms say…

The growth in coronavirus-themed phishing is being recorded by several cyber-security companies. Barracuda Networks said it had seen a 667% increase in malicious phishing emails during the pandemic…

Google claims that its machine-learning tools are able to block more than 99.9% of [scam] emails from reaching its users.


I wonder how these people convince their morale to Rip Off Innocent lives by scamming them.

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This is nothing…in America, some ppl r scaming ppl with fake testing centres…imagine that now
Human Greed…knows no bounds

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