Google Detects Edge Users Visiting Its Sites, Urges Them to Switch to Chrome

In Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser, Chrome’s extensions “work as good as they work on Chrome browsers,” argues the MS Power User blog.

But guess what happens when you use Edge to visit Chrome’s “Web Store” for downloading extensions? According to Google, internet users should use Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge if they want to use browser extensions securely. On visiting the Chrome web store on Microsoft Edge, you’ll be displayed a banner with a yellow background color saying “Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions securely” at the top of the page.
A later article points out that Opera visitors don’t receive that same warning – and that’s just the beginning: While Google doesn’t show anything on Opera or Chrome, when you access, Drive and Docs on Edge, the websites show a pop-up asking you to switch to Chrome… Google went as far as saying Chrome helps you hide ads and protect from malware…

[W]e can’t really blame them for doing it. Google and Microsoft have a history of fighting over their own software. Microsoft has pushed users towards Edge on Windows 10 in the past and in a way Google seems to be returning the favour.