Google Boots 'The Great Suspender' Off the Chrome Web Store For Being Malware


Google has blocked The Great Suspender extension from the Chrome store “because it contains malware.” The extension was very popular for users running Chrome with 8GB or less of RAM, as it would automatically suspend tabs you hadn’t used in a while, freeing up precious memory and CPU power. It would then allow you to return to the tab and reload back to where you were. Mishaal Rahman writes via XDA Developers:

For some people, this isn’t news. Since November of 2020, close followers of the extension have warned that it may be running malicious code. The old maintainer of the extension sold it to an unknown party in June of 2020, and users alleged that the unknown party quietly slipped some trackers into version 7.1.8 of the extension. Although version 7.1.9 removed the tracker, many users were understandably suspicious of the extension. Then in early January of this year, multiple media outlets picked up on the news, and many, including myself, decided to ditch it. Earlier today, however, Google pulled the plug entirely on the popular Chrome extension, forcibly removing The Great Suspender from people’s Chrome installations and removing the extension’s listing on the Chrome Web Store. You can recover your suspended tabs by opening up your search history and searching for “klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg.” If that doesn’t work, you can try the other options outlined in this GitHub post.

Some alternatives to The Great Suspender, as recommended by XDA Developers community member TheMageKing, include: Tabs Outliner, Auto Tab Discard, or Session Buddy.


Literally just noticed it a few hoers ago , i use VM but still you guys think it was actually containing malware ?

Ha! I have this installed right now… Never really use it anyway :tipping_hand_woman:t6: