[Giveaway] WPS Office Premium for Windows | 3 Month License

WPS Office Premium for Windows is an office suite that is designed to help you take steps forward in your work efficiency. The all-in-one WPS Office Premium software for Windows provides perfect features such as Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation

This tool provides numerous beautiful templates featuring clear layouts to help you use them in different situations such as writing letters, creating resumes, invitation letters, posters, or creating a summary report

Giveaway link


Step 1. Visit the WPS Office Premium giveaway link —-> click here

To get started, you’ll need to either click on the “Get Now” button and then Sign in with Google or Sign in with Email

Step 2. You will get the download link after that. Install the software on your computer

Step 3. When the installation is finished, open it and log in with your account to get WPS Office Premium for Windows for 3 months free!

  • Only Windows users can participate in this event.
  • Time: Jun 16, 2022 – Jul 20, 2022.
  • Each person and each device can claim 3-Month WPS Premium once, which will take effect immediately.
  • The account signed in to the WPS Office Premium for Windows must be the same as the account signed in on the event page.
  • The final interpretation right of the event belongs to WPS Office.

ENJOY! :heart:


I entered the two links in this thread and got a total of 6 months!

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